Troy can be compared to walking down a sidewalk. In the distance you see a really hot chick walking toward you. As she gets closer and
closer you can't wait to get a good view of her. But then, as she comes into full view you realize she really isn't that hot at all. I think the
most surprising thing was how spectacular Troy is not. The entire production desires to be, instead of be good. Instead of creating its own
identity it retreads every single sword and sandal epic cliché.

Now certainly Troy isn't a bad movie. But it seems uninspired. This is partly because of the mediocre script written by David Benioff.
Characters exchange dull, clichéd, fortune cookie like dialog throughout the film.

It doesn't help that I felt almost no emotion for any of the characters besides Eric Bana's Hector and Brian Cox's Agamemnon.

Brad Pitt seems too preoccupied with looking the part to truly embrace the character. But Brad Pitt is able to pull it off well enough. The
same can't be said for Diane Kruger as Helen. Yeah she looks hot, but the supposedly most seductive woman in the world (as the story
goes) should have SOME personality.

But the movie could be saved by spectacular battle scenes right? Somewhat, yes. The fighting is well choreographed and certainly outdoes
the script. But director Wolfgang Peterson seems terrified of visual effects. His shot selection is just not as ambitious as this movie needed
it to be.

Those seemingly incredible shots from the TV spot where boats and armies stretch to the ends of the Earth don't work as well on the big
screen. The really large-scale effects shots seem mired in fog or appear blurry and out of focus. This was an obvious attempt to cover up
some CG fakeness. This makes the film visually dull and once again, uninspired.

Even the score by usually reliable composer James Horner is terribly blah.

All in all though, something can be said for a film that can hold our interest for 163 minutes. Troy is certainly never boring. Troy is a decent
epic. It's just a little... uninspired.

* * 1/2
(out of four)
Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen

Written by: David Benioff

Starring: Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Diane
Kruger, Owain Yeoman, Brian Cox, Sean Bean

Cinematography by: Roger Pratt

Music by: James Horner

Released: May 14, 2004; 163 Minutes